A collection of downloadable videos, breath led meditations and audio guides are now available for those wishing to establish a deep breathing practice. Visit my collaborative company,  for breathing exercises and expert advice to help you build a conscious breath practice.

From 2 minute mp3 single downloads to the ‘Better Breathing Kit’, a 30 minute compilation of videos, audios and Sonic Breath sound rhybetter-breathing-kitthms, these downloadable breathing guides have been created for you to practice in the comfort of your own home or throughout your busy working day. There are guided breath meditations for you on waking, on your commute, breath led exercises for those desk bound and a selection of calming night time voice and sound led audios to aid a deeper sleep.

The Sonic Breath collection can help you balance your breathing pattern and fine tune your breath practice. You can either create your own practice by downloading single exercises or buy the specially formulated compilations for those short on time. Purchase and download today, in just under 5 minutes…that’s about 100 breaths!