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We offer a unique Personal  Development Programmes:  This  has been formulated to help you reach your full potential in a short period of time.  Whether you are looking to detox, lose weight, improve your confidence, learn how to manage stress or experience the full power of your breath, you can enjoy the accumulative affects of 5 or more Transformational Breath sessions.  Choose to have the 1:1 sessions over a number of days or weeks (depending on your time schedule) and  you can experience a powerful shift in your well-being.  Clients say they feel more energised, more focused, more relaxed, healthier and happier and personal intentions  have been fulfilled.

The ‘Breathing Room’ Personal Development Programme has been formulated to encourage you to practice Transformational Breathing over a set period of time which will help you experience the long lasting benefits of this cutting edge breathing method. During the course of the sessions you will be given guidance on how to improve your breathing, offered a practical tailor made programme, to use in your every day life to help you achieve a positive change in your life.

If you wish to improve your well-being on a physical level, learn more about how your breath affects your emotions and understand how to cope with stress and anxiety, by improving your breathing pattern you can change the way you breathe, feel and live.

This breathwork is easy to learn and the ultimate aim for these sessions is for you can use Transformational Breath for your own personal development.

We also offer tailor-made yoga programmes and exercise programmes to help you achieve your goals.  We work alongside other health professionals, including yoga teachers, personal trainers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, dieticians and bodyworkers.

We also offer corporate workshops, retreats and introductory talks.  For full information on our corporate team please visit 

Please email for full  information and package prices.

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Personal Development Programmes take place in Breathing Rooms in London