at East of Eden,

Studio 1, 12-15 Hatherley Mews, Walthamstow, London E17 4QP.

Sunday 31st January 2.30pm until 5pm



The afternoon will be an introductory workshop to Transformational Breathing or a refresher if you have done before. This is a powerful self-healing technique that enables you to clear restricted breathing patterns and fully access your breathing capacity. This can help you feel freer emotionally, physically and mentally. Letting go of the breath and learning to access a fuller respiratory system enables you to release stress and physical tension and manage negative thought patterns which helps you gain more clarity.

A unique combination of five traditional therapies, including acupressure, sound, movement and conscious breath work, you will experience the power of all of these healing modalities. This will then be followed by a deep relaxation.

By learning how to improve your individual breathing pattern you can release tension from the body, relax the mind and find a place of calm in your being.

“ Transformational Breathing is secretly attracting a hugely diverse range of clients, from stressed hedge fund managers responsible for other people’s millions to those who want to lose weight. Transformational Breathing is awesome.”  Tatler Magazine

to book please email aimee@thebreathingroom.co.uk or call 07826 205 163