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October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AL

Saturday 6th February 2016

1.30pm – 5.30pm

£65.00 & £55 early bird (before December 31st 2015)

with Kate Taylor & Aimee Hartley

How often do you tune into that voice in your head that tells you that if only you had more confidence you could take on the world? Do you fear being rumbled as an imposter? Perhaps 2016 is the year you really want to get ahead with something but you’re worried about your capability to do it?

Where you’re feeling a sense of lack in your abilities it is a clear signal that you need connect to your power.
Within this element of Confident Transformations we will help you connect to a true sense of that most vital and essential part of yourself. We will explore the depths and reaches of what it is to live within your body when you are at your most positive state and what you need to associate with to understand the why that sits behind it.


Kate Taylor, Up Coaching’s empowerment coach, will teach you ways to you rock your good stuff and tune into that most powerful part of you which often lays dormant under a few layers of doubt and fear. This part of the workshop will help you to recognise the stories we tell ourselves when you’re struggling and staying small.

In this section of the workshop we will:
· Understand our own individual relationship with ‘confidence’

· Explore our beliefs around confidence and the impact it can have on different areas of our lives

· Get real on what confidence is and what it isn’t

· Connect to a truer sense of our most empowered self

· Visualise and hold just what’s needed to make that connection part of every day


You will then be guided through a 2.5 hour Transformational Breathing Session with co-founder of Inspiration Space. Aimee Hartley, and a London team of certified Transformational breathing therapists. You will learn the history of this cutting edge technique and be reminded of the importance of healthy breathing, including the benefits of transforming any unhealthy breathing patterns into super healthy breathing. This will then be followed by full teaching of the self healing technique and a complete practice so at the end of the day you will go home with all the tools and knowledge of how to maintain a self practice. Transformational Breath® is a progressive healing breath work therapy combining 5 healing modalities including conscious breathing, gentle body mapping (similar to acupressure), movement and toning (vocal sound) and positive affirmations.

There are a whole host of benefits of improving your breathing including:

Physical Well-Being
• Increases energy
• Encourages parasympathetic nervous system to activate
• Massages the vagus nerve creating feelings of love
• Releases tension in the 4 diaphragms allowing for more fluid movement of the body
• Stimulates circulation
• Balances flow of energies within the body
• Helps with weight management
• Resolves addictions
• Improves sex life

Mental and Emotional Integration

• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Boosts confidence
• Creates space to accept these feelings
• Improves concentration
• Encourages you to be in the present moment
• Improves and resolves body image issues
• Clears past traumas and dramas
• Accesses feelings of acceptance
• Relieves depressive and negative thought patterns
• Improves self-esteem

Spiritual Expansion
• Expands meditational capacity
• Strengthens spiritual connections
• Expands awareness of body, mind and spirit
• Connects us with our true nature of which is pure energy
• Cultivates mindfulness although we like to say breathfulness!

Diaphragmatic Breathing
A deep diaphragmatic breath is paramount to the Transformational Breath® process. Encouraging a deep breath where the diaphragm descends as it should do naturally, making the abdomen rise is not only relaxing; it’s been scientifically proven to positively affect the heart, brain, digestive and immune system. It also stimulates the Vagus nerve which is responsible for feelings of love and happiness so the deeper and fuller we learn to breathe the more of these positive feelings can be cultivated. Once the breath is moving in the abdomen, the upper lungs can be activated so eventually the breath is full, connected and active. We will encourage you to access a full diaphragmatic breath during this workshop which can help you feel grounded and more confident.

The workshop will close with a grounding meditation, some healthy snacks and high vibrations.

To enquire, please call Aimee on 07826 205 163



Up Coaching’s Kate Taylor is a leading empowerment coach, writer and speaker enabling women in creative and technology industries to find their ‘why’ so that they can live a life of purpose and passion. She joined forces with the power posse #HigherSelfie an inspiring force of female power and confidence.

Up Coaching came to be when Kate worked with clients on some of the UK’s biggest household names for digital agencies in London. These are highly pressured and highly creative environments, and Kate noticed she was having the same conversations with women again and again – the big questions, the unanswered questions, the constant niggling doubts, the fear of being ‘found out’. There just seemed to be so much that women were not giving themselves credit for and it was holding them back from living a truly fulfilled life; both in and out of work.

So Kate re-trained as a coach and NLP practitioner and now works with women throughout the world helping them to create and design their best lives. Kate is champion, cheerleader and challenger; passionate about empowering women to connect to their rightful place, own their spaces and find their voices within traditionally male-dominated environments. She’s on a one-woman-mission to help other women live well and feel good.

Kate is a celebrated speaker and blogger, writing on her one website and for many others including Huffington Post, where she shares her perspective on living our best lives. She loves to support and celebrate women working in creative industries on the blog. When not speaking, coaching or writing, she curates events designed around Making Positive Changes, as well as delivering her own popular Make a Change Programme.


Transformational Breathwork completely changed my perspective on life. I came across this special practice shortly after completing a year’s full time International Yoga Teacher Training course in Sydney. This intensive training introduced me to a plethora of breathworks, from yogic breathing to complement postures, pranayamas, kriya based kundalini yoga to sacred breathing practices passed down from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living, so I thought there couldn’t be much more to experience. It was back home in London, where I was lucky enough to be introduced to the true healing power of the breath. I was made aware of how my breathing pattern, like everyone, is completely unique, and has a direct and profound affect on how I was feeling, and in turn how I was experiencing my life.

After learning and practicing Transformational Breathing, my body would feel totally relaxed but fully present, stillness would meet this pure buzziness and a connection with deep feelings that transcend explanation – at best – a cosmic collision of Love & Magic would appear. Even now when I practice for 10 – 15 minutes I return to this place where everything is OK and my intuition and confidence overides negativity and fear. It’s this experience and knowing that the breath is a powerful trigger for self healing, that I feel profoundly driven to share this practice with as many people as possible. Aimee offers Transformational Breath one to ones, workshops and retreats and presents talks on the healthy benefits of breathing. She loves writing and has had features about the benefits of healthy breathing published in Yoga Magazine, Green Parent Magazine,Well-to-do London and Healthy Magazine.

“ “Transformational Breathing is secretly attracting a hugely diverse range of clients, from stressed hedge fund managers responsible for other people’s millions to those who want to lose weight. Transformational Breathing is awesome.”

Tatler Magazine

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